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Pre-finishing work

Preparation work

  • Installation of a temporary lavatory
  • Covering of doors
  • Mounting of temporary fuse box
  • Utility connection service

Layout planning

  • Dimension plan
  • План расстановки мебели
  • Furniture layout plan
  • Plumbing plan
  • Ceiling plan
  • Electrical fittings' location plan
  • Floor heating installation plan
  • Floor finish plan
  • Room wall elevations
  • Preparing project documentation
  • Compilation of a full set of drawings and a project budget


rough-in works

Demolition work (if necessary)

  • Breaking up non-monolithic areas and walls made of aerated concrete block
  • Packing, removal, loading and waste removal

Installation of interior partition walls (if necessary)

  • Marking out the space
  • Ordering and delivering building materials
  • Installation of aerated concrete partition walls with adhesive for bonding aerated concrete with reinforcement and "linking" of reinforcement rows:
    • 8 mm diameter every 2 rows of masonry surface with rebar lintels
    • 12 mm in diameter at the door openings


electrical installation

Socket box installation, power panel mounting and assembling

  • Socket box installation on alabaster
  • Installation of recess for Schneider/Hager main distribution board
  • Installation of input breaker and RCD "Schneider"
  • Installation of a voltage relay "ZUBR"
  • Installation of Schneider/Hager automatic equipment (1 circuit breaker for each zone and power device)

Cable routing

  • Preparation of floor, ceiling and walls for laying of engineering systems
  • Wall chasing for socket boxes
  • 3x4 mm for power section
  • 3x2,5 mm for socket group
  • 2x1, 3x1, 3x1,5 mm for lighting and low current group
  • Installation of power sockets for hob, oven
  • Installation of socket outlets and switches in each room
  • Монтаж розеток и выключателей в каждом помещении


  • Fixture installation
  • Installation of moisture-proof lamps in the wet areas


Painting work

Plastering of walls with screed strips

  • Mounting the screeds
  • Priming and high quality plastering of the surface with gypsum mixtures "Knauf MP75"
  • Plastering with cement-sand mixtures with preliminary waterproofing of damp areas
  • Plaster layer thickness up to 20 mm

Wall filling

  • Priming walls and finishing puttying the plastered surface with gypsum-based "Knauf Multi Finish" mixtures in a layer not exceeding 5 mm, followed by finishing trowelling of the surface

Filling the window sills and alignment of the slopes

  • Cement-sand mixture for window sill filling and levelling
  • Placing of the slopes from gypsum plaster boards and finishing with «Knauf Multi Finish» mixtures

Air conditioning and ventilation systems

  • Installation of refrigerant pipes and drainage in the sewage system and wiring of outdoor unit
  • Installation of air conditioning system route
  • Installation of a ventilation duct to the kitchen hood


Plumbing work

  • Sewerage piping to sanitary appliances using pipes of series NT Ostendorf Kunststoffe (Germany)
  • Water supply distribution from polypropylene pipes of Wavin Ekoplastik and Koer (Czech Republic)
  • Installing stop valves Wavin (Holland), up to 7 pcs. per flat with 1 sanitary unit
  • Shower tray installation (brickwork)
  • Cold water and sewage systems for a washing machine and a water heater
  • Installation of a toilet bowl from a catalogue or installation of the wall-hung frame with a wall-mounted toilet of the customer's choice
  • Insulating pipes and insulating riser pipes with mineral wool
  • Installation of inspection hatches
  • Ventilation and air conditioning


rough floor finishing

  • Screed filling in areas of dismantled partition walls
  • Extending the floor surface to a single level in the bathroom
  • Sealing of wet areas with one-component waterproofing slurry "Ceresit CR65"


Related services

  • Management and quality control
  • Every project has a personal manager/designer/project manager
  • Purchasing of materials, warehousing and timely delivery
  • Final clean-up upon the completion of the works
  • Quality control by technical supervision engineer
  • Assisting and submitting all phases of the work to the technical supervisor


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